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0.1.12 Beta CN
- 本来想要尝试对其进行中文化,后经高人提醒发觉,使用者直接使用Google的翻译功能似乎更好.
0.1.12 Beta
- Added the beginings of the adventure seed system (still not functional).
- Added 40 new room descriptions, mostly for the two smallest room sizes.
- Added wandering monster chart generator.
- Added wandering monster generator on/off toggle.
- Added "dungeon features" text to the intro area.
- Added a very simple adventure hook generator that can generate up to 5 hooks (appears after the adventure text).
- Added on/off toggle for Intro Text (including features)
- Added on/off toggle for Dungeon features (only)
- Added on/off toggle for the Trap Summary.
- Added a adventure hook selector so that you can select to generate from 0 to 5 adventure hooks.

0.1.11 Beta
- Added some adventure intro and DM prep text (this will be expanded in future versions).
- Added some new art pieces (from the message boards) to the treasure generation system.
- Added monsters from Monster Manual 2, Monster Manual 3, Monster Manual 4, Expanded Psionics Handbook, Complete Psionic, Fiend Folio, Lords of Madness, Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss, and Libris Mortis to the monster generation system.

0.1.10 Beta
- Enough changes were made to cause old saves not to work with this version.
- Added selector drop downs for secret doors and portcullises to the launcher. None=0%, Some=5% More=10% chance.
- Added secret doors, both regular 75% and well-hidden 25%.
- Added portcullises, both wooden 25% and iron 75%.
- Minor cosmetic change, monster names now display bolded to better match published adventures.
- Added a "Total Value" line for treasure.
- Added formating to gp treasure values so that commas are in the proper spots. For instance 10000 is properly formated as 10,000 etc.

0.1.9 Beta
- Hidden treasure generation added. Mundane and Magic Items not yet implemented.
- Room traps added.
- Trap descriptions moved to a trap summary at the end of the adventure.
- Room features added.
- Support for dungeon themes added. Nothing has yet been flagged for Crypt or Sewer so use Generic(All) for now.
- Support for different source books added. Core monsters implemented and a single MM IV monster at dungeon level 6 has been added. We are currently compiling the data for the other source books that are listed with more to follow.
- Launcher updated to reflect these additions. Old saves will no longer work in this version.
- Launch date of Aug 11th has been selected for this generator so I will be working on it a little more often to get it ready for launch.

0.1.8 Beta
- Added an on/off toggle for DM details. This lets you turn on and off the additional info such as door HP or monster source info. This is for DMs that are mostly interested in the basic info and can do the heavy lifting on their own.
- Changed door description display slightly to make it more readable
- Monsters have been implemented. This was a very large task and I had to type alot of data into a spreadsheet for this. The charts don't match the ones in the DMG 100 percent but they are very close. One monster from the Monster Manual IV has been added and more will be added soon.

0.1.7 Beta
- Started work on the room contents (Monster, features, hidden treasure, and traps) section of the generator. This is at a very early stage.
- Added all traps from all three tables in the DMG (CR 1-10).
- Changed the CR selector to Dungeon Level selector to match the random tables in the DMG. Max CR for traps will be half of the dungeon level. The trap tables for the appropriate CR and two CR below max will be used for random generation.
- Added a rather simple map compass. Rather than force it into the map before the rooms are generated I decided to let the generator check the corners of the map to see if that space is empty and place the compass in an empty corner. If none of the corners end up empty there will be no compass. This shouldn't happen that often if ever.
- Added a selector to allow you to generate just a map with no adventure or a map plus an adventure.
- Added a second save/load value that lets you save only the map without the adventure. This will allow you to load a map and generate several different adventures for that same map.
- Added links at the bottom of the mapper page that will allow you to generate an adventure (or new adventure) for the currently displayed map.
- Copyright notice has been added to the launcher and mapper.

0.1.6 Beta
- Completely re-coded how room descriptions are handled to get rid of several bugs.
- Corrected the break DC of doors.
- Added door traps (CR 1-3).
- Added CR selection to the launcher (1-3 only so far) this will cause all old saves to be unusable.
- Changed hallways door code to remove all doors that aren't connected to a room.

0.1.5 Beta
- Added door descriptions however I didn't yet add trap information. I need to implement CR value selection at the same time.
- Added a shaded box to the description text.
- Changed settings on the launcher (combined random start room size with start room type) this will unfortunately cause an existing saved dungeons to not build correctly ... I have a feeling this will happen a few more times before were done -- sorry.
- Added code to prevent a room description from being generated more than once, however occasionally XXX will appear as a description, I am not certain why this is happening yet.
- Removed seed box from launcher and added an alert that tells you when you have successfully loaded a dungeon.

0.1.4 Beta
- Changed room description code to make it expandable and still allow the save/load feature to work.
- Changed how the mapper renders the thatch layer to accomodate special tiles.
- Changed how the mapper identifies where to place walls to accomodate special tiles.
- Added some special tiles to the sample special starting rooms 1 and 2.
- Fixed a few typos that were causing the starting room size to be incorrect.
- Changed how the save/load value is displayed (in a form box) to make it easier to copy and paste.

0.1.3 Beta
- Changed wall and corner display to a single layer (1200 images) instead of eight (9600 images) which should greatly decrease the time to render the map.
- Added 5 foot line ON/OFF toggle. This required a change in the way data is passed between the launcher and the mapper so maps you have previously saved will not work unless you add ,0 before the last value (the seed value) for example 6,6,50,3,6,0,3,4(add ,0 here),1144262546356

0.1.2 Beta
- Added a save/load feature. After generating a map there will be a save value at the bottom. Simply copy and paste that value into a document (like a .txt file) and save it. You just need to paste it in the launcher load spot and press Load followed by Generate and it will create the exact same dungeon.
- Random number code rewritten.
- Some hallways and door code cleaned up.

0.1.1 Beta
- Changed hallways exit code to be more consistent.
- Hallway doors can now (50%) be a door or be removed. Room doors unaffected.
- Start room exit code brought in line with hallway exits code.
- Start room door percentage now selectable.
- Maps should no longer overflow the edge of the available map area.
- It's really only cosmetic but I got the corner black pixel working for walls.
- Seperated some of the room descriptions to better match room size.

0.1.0 Beta
- Beta opened for select wizards community volunteers.

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